There are several garden and landscaping centers in Salinas, California but here are some of the best ones offering diverse services and products.

Bokay Nursery

This garden and landscaping center supplies plenty of flowers, vegetable starters, and fruit trees. They also help transform outdoor spaces with new hardscaping, offering precision work with pavers, brick, block, and stone. They also do full landscape design and installation services.

McShane’s Nursery and Landscape Supply

McShane’s stores landscaping stones, soil supplements, paving stones, gravel, pots, bark, fountains, and even landscaping spikes for weed suppression tarp. They also handle landscaping contracts.

Santa Maria Seeds

This big seed company offers the full range of vegetables and cover crop seed. They provide only the highest quality seed selected through trial in multiple regions from diverse genetics.

Altman Plants

Altman Plants specializes in the production of cacti and succulents. The company delivers the widest variety of cacti and succulents to all parts of the United States. They have in their collection cacti and succulents in an array of sizes.

Hana Gardens

This is a one-stop-shop for all home outdoor needs. They handle products and services such as plants and trees, garden decor, outdoor furniture, and the sale of landscape materials.

Pacific Landscaping & Tree Service

Pacific are landscaping, hardscaping, artificial turf, masonry, concrete, and fencing experts. They perform a range of tree services that include trimming and shaping trees, peeling palm trees, and rejuvenating cypress trees to their full beauty. They also undertake landscaping designs like masonry, concrete installation, and finishes, as well as fencing services, artificial grass installation, and yard maintenance.

Griggs Nursery

Griggs Nursery provides locally grown plants, as well as gardening and landscaping supplies. They help find the perfect plants, shrubs, and trees for any outdoor space, as well as the right foliage, flower, or succulents for home or office.

Also, they boast of the largest selection of pottery, garden art, and fountains on the Central Coast. Get a fountain, bench, statue, or planter perfectly suited to any garden.

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