Landscaping and gardening both involve creating and maintaining functional, aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces. Even though they are mutually related, there is a slight difference. Landscaping and gardening both involve the designing, planning, and maintenance while gardening involves the planting and tendering of only the plants in a space.

A landscape is the overall, encompassing area that contains the plants, designs, and general beautification.

Landscape architects, designers, and contractors offer various but overlapping services. They work on a variety of project types and scales, from designing and implementing a residential yard to planning transportation facilities, resorts, and waterfront developments.

Like landscaping, gardening involves the designing, planning, and maintenance of plants. Landscape designers or gardeners can draw up a design for a garden and determine the kinds of plants that will be in it. The gardeners can also plant, weed, cultivate, replace, and harvest the plants.

A garden can be part of a landscape, but the overall landscape involves more than just the plants that are grown. Gardening is an ongoing activity because gardens require tending and specialized care, not only throughout the year but over a long period.

Also, what a space needs will determine whether the services of a landscaper or a gardener are needed. For instance, landscaping ideas for backyard areas are different from the landscaping needs of an apartment building or a university courtyard.

Salinas, California is located at the mouth of the Salinas Valley, roughly eight miles from the Pacific Ocean, which makes it ideal for the gardening and landscaping business.

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