Gardening and Landscape Design

Gardening and landscaping work together in beautifying the environment and conserving nature.

Gardening and Landscape

A garden can be part of a landscape, but the overall landscape involves more than just the plants that are grown.

Gardening and Landscape

Garden Design

Garden design ideas are important for creating a lasting impression on the environment for years to come. There are many garden ideas.

Garden Design

Tips and Tricks

There are tips and tricks necessary for having the perfect garden and landscape, getting the best landscape designer and gardener.

Tips and Tricks


This website offers information about garden and landscaping centers in Salinas and California. It gives details about the kinds of services and products that they offer as well as gardening tips, garden and design, pond supplies and soil analysis.

Salinas Climate

Salinas climate is mild and pleasant with 259 sunny days in a year.

Gardening Tips for Sunny Spots

Plants with showy blooms and pretty foliage are good for sunny garden spots. Also, ornamental grasses are wonderful for sunny spots because they demand full-time rays to reach their full height.

Best Trees and Plants

Salinas climate is a particularly good one for ornamental trees and plants to flourish. So, sun-loving plants and trees blossom better in Salinas.

Landscaping Design Help

Gardening is a job for professional gardeners. However, getting the best landscape design requires the expertise of a landscape designer who may or may not be a professional gardener.

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