Soil is one of the most overlooked important factors effecting success in the garden. In Monterey County we have some of the greatest soil diversity in the world. Just miles apart soils in Carmel, King City or Prunedale can be COMPLETELY different. Thanks to five years of rigorous study of Soil Science at Cal Poly, Nursery Owner and Soil Scientist, Steve McShane offers two types of soil analysis as a service to customers. All samples should be fresh and to a depth of 15 inches from several places in the garden. You will want to mix the samples bring them to the nursery in a zip lock bag. A brief description of your analysis options are as follows:

Simply bring in a zip lock bag of your soil you’d like evaluated with your name, address and phone number and Steve will do a quick evaluation using field testing methods. He will be able to provide you with pH, Texture and Structure. More importantly, he can offer other observations and make recommendations as to how you can increase performance.

PAID LAB ANALYSIS Should you wish for a more detailed analysis, McShane ‘s Nursery & Landscape Supply has a relationship with a professional soil testing lab. McShane’s will send the sample out for testing and once it is complete, a 30 minute consultation with Steve McShane is included. The cost of this service is $59.99.

Thank you for taking an interest in your soil. McShane’s sells a wide variety of soil amendments to improve soil performance. Size varies from just a few ounces, to delivery of soil by the truckload .

Feel free to contact the nursery for more information at (831) 455-1876.

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Free Soil Analysis

McShanes offers FREE Soil Testing

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