Millions of folks will be faced with what to do with their Christmas Tree once the holidays have

passed. Truly, the family tree represents a source of organic waste. Most consumers simply put the tree out with the rest of the garbage to be carted off to a landfill. That said, there are alternatives to throwing out your tree. Here are five recommended ways to “recycle” the tree:

1.) Trash Service Recycling Program – Check with your trash service company. Some will recycle the trees and offer collection one time following the holidays. The only drawback is that collection is usually limited to one time.

2.) Nursery Recycling Program – Some nurseries and tree lots will pick up or receive Christmas Trees for a small fee. Be sure to inquire with the folks at the point of purchase. Trees are chipped and composted for landscaping purposes.

3.) Backyard Alternatives – There are a number of ways to use your tree creatively in your back yard. Some trees are decorated with bits of bread and used as a bird feeder. Another alternative is to sink trees in ponds for fish habitat.

4.) Ranch Or Farm Applications – Trees can come in very useful when considered lake or river shoreline stabilization. They are often used for sedimentation management in areas where flooding can be a problem.

5.) Chip it Yourself – The final way to handle the tree is to “chip” and /or trim it yourself and use it in the garden!

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How To Care And Select A Christmas Tree