First and for most I always recommend that people pick a nice pot. This one here is a glazed pot this comes from China. They’re coming from China or Vietnam A glazed pot is going to lost you about 30 years. Whereas, a tacotta pot will last you from 8 to 10 once you got your pot selected consider a saucer or a pot feet to keep it elevated off of your deck or patio a lot of times that can cause staining. When we get started as of sure you have heard one of keys is getting the gravel in the bottom this allows to assure drainage. We don’t want anything blocking that nice whole at the very bottom. I tell people about a inch of gravel. Then we want to be sure able to use a really high quality potting soil. Potting soils can be rated on what’s in the bag. Take a look just like for your ingredients at the grocery store. These one here have like worm casting bag one o, oyster shells, all kinds of that are going to contribute to a really happy heath plant. Will fill this puppy up about half way with our potting soil Once we get through that’s when we need to consider our starter fertilizer. Most more then any other plant

A starter fertilizer is going to assure success I like to use these little shashaes two at a time for a small pot like this. Sinking them really well and deep into the pot. Once that takes place then we got to consider what plants where going to put in. Now complementary colors are key this is where your design style comes through. This bright orange perbeckia with some nice colbot blue pubillya can’t beat a combo like that. Once are publliya are in place. I’m going to follow up with more potting soil One thing for sure is that over time the level of potting soil will drop. So we need to remember to add fresh potting soil. The other thing is that container gardening because water runs through the vassal. We need to adding fertilizer on regular basics. For flowers in spring in Summer that can mean every 3 to 4 weeks to keep good color going. The other thing I always tell folks is to be sure and deadhead. When blooms are expired just pinch them off. It’s that easy. What it will do is send a message to the plant to continue producing other flowers. That will keep the container scape going all season long and prepared properly and cared for. Your pot will be growing 9 to 10 month out of year in California. And let me tell you there’s nothing more exciting then container scaping.

How To Properly Start And Maintain A Potted Garden