There are many plants that can be used very effectively between stepping stones. Tucking plants between the stones softens and blends in the walkway, making it feel more like a part of the landscape. For most plants, the soil will need to be high in organic matter and well-drained. When selecting the type of plant you want to use, be sure to take into consideration how much sun or shade it will receive. Larger areas and larger stepping stones can use plants in the 5-8″ range. Smaller stones and areas need tighter, lower plants in the 2-4″ range. If the stepping stones actually form steps between levels, not just a pathway, some of the larger plants will fit in naturally.

2-4 Inch Perennials
Bugleweed Ajuga 3-4″
Ice Plant Delosperma 3-4″
Tiny Rubbies Dianthus Dianthus 3″
Hens and Chicks Sempervivums 3-4″
Heavenly Blue Veronica Veronica 4″
Pennywort Lysimachia nummula ria 2″
Red Creeping Thyme Thymus 4″
Various Sedums Including:
Bailey’s Gold 3″
Bronze Carpet 4″
Dragon’s Blood 4″
Elizabeth 4″
Gold Carpet 3″
Kamtschaticum 4″
Sarmentosum 4″
Spurium Tricolor 4″

5-8 Inch Perennials
Snow in Summer Cerastium 6-8″
Rock Cress Arabis 6-8″
Thrift Armeria 6″
Creeping Baby’s Breath Gypsophila repens 6″
Brilliant Dianthus Dianthus 6″
Zing Rose Dianthus Dianthus 6″
Barrenwort Epimedium roseum 8″
Guiseppie Geranium Geranium 4″
Ballerina Geranium Geranium 6″
Blue Fescue Festuca ‘Elijah Blue’ 8″
Ginko Craig Hosta Hosta 4″
Crown Jewel Hosta Hosta 4″
Little Gem Candytuft Iberis 6″
Lily of the Valley Convallaria 6-8″
White Nancy Lamium Lamium 6″
Pink Pewter Lamium Lamium 6″
Woodland Phlox Phlox stolenifera 6-8″
Creeping Phlox Phlox subulata 5-6″
Oakleaf Foamflower Tiarella 6″
Periwinkle Vinca Vinca 6″
Violets Viola 6-9″
Various Sedums Including:
Oreganum 6″
Old Man Bones 6″
Kamtschaticum Yellow 6″
Stonecrop 6″
Worm Grass 6″

Other Plants of Interest
Sweet Alyssum, annual 6-10″
Mother of Thyme, tender perennial 3-4″
Prostrate Junipers 6-12″
Creeping Mahonia 10″
Bog Rosemary 12″

Adding plants between stepping stones will give your landscape a more finished look. Listed above are the plants we recommend to be used for this purpose. If you have any other questions, please just ask a professional at McShane’s Nursery and Landscape Supply.

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