This list of easy roses for the Monterey Bay area was compiled by Chris Rabe.

Pink or Pink Blend
• Tournament of Roses
• Secret
• Duet
• Great Century
• Fame
• Gemini

Red or Red Blend
• Olympiad
• Ingrid Bergman
• Nicole
• Perfect Moment
• Reba McEntyre

Yellow or Gold
• Helmut Schmidt
• Sun Flare
• Easy Going
• Gold Medal
• Julia’s Child

Apricot or Orange
• Just Joey
• Apricot Nectar
• Sunset Celebration
• Gingersnap
• Artistry
• Brandy

Mauve or Mauve Blend
• Heirloom
• Stainless Steel
• Lavender Pinocchio
• Barbara Streisand

• Iceberg
• Pascali
• French Lace
• Sally Holmes
• First Kiss
• John F. Kennedy

• Sombreuil
• Altissimo
• Berries ‘n’ Cream
• Fourth of July
• America
• Pearly Gates
• Joseph’s


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