This flyer is designed to help you get a good coverage when planting bedding plants. 
If you set plants this far apart, here’s the area one flat will cover (plants per flat). For fast coverage, set in off set rows or in a diamond pattern. To find spacing for specific plants, check the Sunset Western Garden Book. For even distances between plants measure them apart with a piece of wood to the desired length. If you have ANY questions, ask one of McShane’s Nursery Professionals.

Using 48 Plants
4in 4.5 sq. ft.
6in 10 sq. ft.
8in 18 sq. ft.
10in 28.5 sq. ft.
12in 41.5 sq. ft.
15in 64.5 sq. ft.
18in 92 sq. ft.
24in 165.5 sq ft
Using 36 Plants
4in 3.4 sq ft
6in 7.5 sq ft
8in 10.5 sq ft
10in 21.4 sq ft
12in 31 sq ft
15in 48.4 sq ft.
18in 69 sq ft
24in 124 sq ft
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How to Choose Ground Cover