1. How To: Make a Moss Basket . Take a handful of moss and squeeze out excess water. Using a strip of moss approx. 1 1/2” wide and 6” long, wrap the top wire of frame keeping the mossy side facing out. Make sure moss is snug and pressed firmly against vertical wires. When finished, it should be a tight roll all around the top.
  2. To fill body of basket work from the inside, pressing flat pieces of moss halfway through the wires, making sure they straddle the horizontal wires. Use your fingers to push it snugly against the vertical wires.
  3. Continue around until moss forms a tightly packed wall, then add enough moss to the bottom so your fingers don’t go through when you poke at it. The lining will be approx. 1 1/2” thick.


Wire Frame 

Sphagnum Moss– approx. one #5 bale of moss per 14” frame

One wire or chain hanger 

Plants– approx. 4 sex cell packs for the sides, and 3-4, 4” pot size plants for the top. Plants should be compatible for sun or shade location.

Soil mix- (for 14” size basket) Use Gardeners Gold or Green All Organic Potting Soil + 1 1/2 cups Perlite + Master Start Starter Fertilizer. 

Water- Gallon of water and 3 tbl. Root Master B-1 Root Stimulator & Starter Solution

Feed– Use 1/2 cup Master Nursery Rose and Flower Food every three to four weeks. Moss Baskets are truly a unique way to give planters an organic appearance in your garden. They actually offer greater oxygen and drainage to plants than regular planters encouraging vigorous growth. The purpose of this handout is to walk you through the process of planting a moss basket. Should you have any questions, feel free to look for one of our professionals here at McShane’s for assistance.

  1. Use a sharp pair of scissors to give the basket a “haircut”, trimming off any shaggy portions. You are now ready to plant.
  2. To make planting easier, raise the basket by setting it on an upturned bucket.
  3. Using cell pack size plant, begin planting on the second rung from the bottom of the frame. Place one hand in basket, and use the other from the outside, to make a hole in the moss wall of the basket, just large enough to squeeze the root ball through. Remove plant from cell pack and gently press the broad sides of the root ball between palms of hands to firm the soil for easier handling. With the outside hand, insert the root ball into the hole while the inside hand gently pulls the roots into the basket. Pull plant in until the base, or crown, of the plant is even with the inside of the moss. Snug any displaced moss back up around the roots to hold them firmly.
  4. Plant all around the sides, spacing plants approx. 4-6” apart staggering them so one is not directly above another. Plant trailing varieties near the bottom so they can cascade without concealing other plants.
  5. When the sides are complete, add soil mixture, using your fingers to pack the soil around the root balls. Bring soil to within 1” of the top. This will leave you room to water.
  6. Using the 4” pot size plants, plant the top of the basket as you would with any pot. Remove any excess soil to maintain the 1” clearance from the top. Fill any bare spots with cell pack size plants. Attach the wire or chain hanger, and hang the basket in proper location.
  7. Water gently with a solution of Root Master B-1 Root Stimulator & Starter Solution and water until it drips out the bottom.
  8. Water regularly, using a soft rain nozzle. Sprinkle the sides as well as the top. Remember a moss basket will dry sooner than a plastic or wooden container, so check daily.
  9. Start fertilizing three weeks after planting with Master Nursery Rose and Flower Food.. Feed every 3 weeks there after. Please consult one of your friendly McShane’s Nursery Professionals for additional questions or more instruction. They are happy to help!

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