California Wild flowers are beautiful and easy to grow. With some easy preparation and planting at the right time of year, success is almost guaranteed. The purpose of this handout is to outline six steps to help you be successful.

1. Site Preparation 

• Pick a sunny location! Prepare site early. Clear area of existing vegetation.

• Perennial weeds should be controlled with herbicides.

2. Soil Preparation

• Rake or harrow only the top 1-2 inches. In most cases, on should not amend the soil.

3. Planting 

• Mix seeds with coarse sand or other material to expand volume and help in uniform spreading. Broad cast

on roughed surface rake 1/4 to 1/8″ of soil.

4. Fertilitzing 

• No additional nitrogen fertilizer. Wildflowers do best if soils have low nitrogen fertility.

5. Weed Control 

• Pre-Plant! If possible, irrigate to pre-germinate existing weed seed. If you start early enough, one should

irrigate again and kill a second round of weeds. If one cannot irrigate, control of the first seeds to

germinate then plant.

6. Post-Planting Management

• Keep surface moist during germination 2-4 weeks

• Key: Watch & learn plants at a young age

• Most practical to remove the largest offending weed about once every 3 weeks

• Don’t worry about little weeds down inside-they may not make it

• Pull spent flowers to free developing flowers below

• One may wish to experiment with the pre-emergent herbicide.