Bonsai is the art of growing trees and plants, which are kept small. This is done by growing the tree in a small pot or tray and pruning (cutting) the branches and roots. Bonsai trees are trained to grow into a shape that is pleasing to look at. The best bonsai trees appear to be old have a shape that seems natural. Bonsai is a very old natural art form from Japan.

A Bonsai plant is not naturally small. It is kept small by shaping and root pruning. It is possible for a well-trained bonsai to live to be older than a large tree of the same species. However, a bonsai needs much care, and a poorly-tended bonsai will not be healthy and might die.

In the art of bonsai a sense of beauty, patience, and good care are all needed. The plant, the shape of the plant, as well as the arrangements of soil choice of a container ar important. You 11find the hobby of bonsai to be both relaxing and enjoyable. Below are some keys to success with this art form.

Ideal Environment

Outdoors with morning sun or filtered sun is always best.

Avoid full sun

Watering your Bonsai

Water management is the most important aspect, check Lite/soil frequently and always keep the soil moist (Bonsai plants love rainwater).

Place the Bonsai in a small container full of water, completely immersing he soil for approximately 5 minutes, or sprinkle slowly and gently until water runs through drainhole.


Indoor Environment

Important: We do not recommend bringing outdoor Bonsai into an indoor environment. Ask for special indoor bonsai at the nursery.

Fertilizing Your Bonsai

Fertilize once a week with Seaweed Extract. One teaspoon per gallon.

Always apply fertilizer to moist soil.

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How To Choose A Bonsai Tree