Start with a 5 gallon size plant
Use a ‘Soil Mix’ of:
1/3 … Organic Potting Soil
1/3 …Azalea/Acid Mix
1/3 … ¼” Pathway Bark
& a liberal handful of Soil Sulfur
Blend your mix & add the soil sulfur. Next you will need a 16″-20″ pot (clay is always best & the bigger the better to allow root growth & to cut-down on shifting). Add a few stones or some gravel or pottery shards, to help keep the drainage hole open Now you are ready to plant! Place the stones, gravel or pottery shards at the bottom of the container over the drainage hole. With the drainage-hole taken care of, pack the bottom of your container with the soil mix.

Set the Blueberry bush in and adjust the soil level, leaving 1″-2″ below the rim for watering. Just firm the new soil around the root-ball, give the plant a generous watering so the soil settles. Now we wait for your Blueberry crop to come in! On breakfast cereal, in muffins or just plain FRESH!

Hints for successfully growing blueberries:
Never let Blueberries dry out and fertilize with an acid based fertilizer about once a month.
Blueberries love full sun. Plant several varieties for better pollination and a larger yield per plant.