Grapes are one of America’s favorite fruits. Growing grapes along the Central Coast is both easy and rewarding. In just a few short years, you’ll enjoy your own home grown goodness. Getting grapes started in your garden is easy. Set plants 4 feet apart in rows and 6-8 feet apart between rows. The site should have good air circulation since grapes are very susceptible to disease when they’re in stagnant air. The site’s soil should be rich in organic material. Always plant using a 50% blend of Master Nursery Gold Rush or Bumper Crop. You’ll want to start with a starter fertilizer like Master Start and Root Master B-1 rooting hormone.

Popular Wine Grapes:

Merlot- Medium sized, round, bluish-black fruits. Yields wines of fine bouquet that are softer, suppler in texture and ages more rapidly than those of Cabernet Sauvignon. Medium to large clusters, long conical, loose to compact. Spur or cane pruning. Better in cooler areas.

Pinot Chardonnay – 
Small, round. Green skin, usually with one seed. Small cylindrical clusters. Large leaves. Average production. Used for white table wine. Cane pruning.

Sauvignon Blanc –
 Small, well formed, compact clusters of small oval to round greenish grapes adorn this vigorous growing vine. The strong distinct flavor is used to make quality white table wines or for blending. Warmer climates may produce a naturally sweet wine. Cane pruning.

Zinfandel – 
Medium, round. Purple to black, juicy wine grape. Spur pruning.

Seedless Grapes:

Concord Seedless- Medium, round. Blue-black thick, tough skin. Excellent, strong flavor. Good for juice, jelly and table use. Cane or spur pruning.

Ruby Seedless – 
Medium, crisp, dark red skin. Firm flesh, sweet, mild flavor. Vigorous grower, heavy producer. Good for table use, raisins. Cane or spur pruning.

Perlette Seedless – Large. White, thin skin. Firm flesh, crisp, juicy, seedless. Table use and raisins. Cane pruning.

Crimson Seedless – Large. Red, seedless table grape. Medium sized clusters. Flesh is firm and crisp with sweet, neutral, very good flavor. Holds well on vine after ripening. Vigorous growing, may actually produce better in problem spots. Cane pruning.

Flame Seedless – Medium. Red skin with firm flesh and good eating quality. Very productive. Color may be affected in extremely hot areas. Cane pruning.

Thompson Seedless – Everyone’s favorite and worlds leading raisin variety. Medium size. Greenish-white to golden, seedless table grape. Cane pruning.

If you have any questions regarding grapes, please see one of our knowledgeable staff members at McShane’s.

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How To Choose And Care for a Grape Vine